Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Denville Personal Trainer Carey Yang to Become Certified Biggest Loser® Pro

Following the footsteps of the Biggest Loser® star trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, Denville personal trainer and fitness expert Carey Yang is one step closer to becoming an AFAA-certified Biggest Loser® Pro.

Yang is the owner and master trainer at Beyond Fitness Solultions, LLC - a leading in-home fitness training and weight-loss management company based in Denville, New Jersey.

Yang has now successfully passed the Biggest Loser® Pro Online Course, one of the requirements for becoming a Biggest Loser® Pro and participating in AFAA's new consumer outreach program, Biggest Loser® Live Training. Only active Biggest Loser® Pros are eligible to identify themselves as a Biggest Loser® Pro and use BiggestLoserLiveTraining.com to work with clients in online and offline sessions, as well as collaborate with a thriving online health and fitness community.

"This is an excellent brand-name credential that can help me reach out to the community and help more people to get fit and healthy. By utilizing web-based technology, I can conduct live exercise classes both online and offline," Yang says.

Here are the highlights of online and onsite activities:

•Lead Biggest Loser® Live Training sessions online.
•Teach online workouts
•Facilitate archived streaming video workouts
•Access instructional videos that you may use during Biggest Loser® Live Training sessions to assist in delivering a pre-recorded workout for your Biggest Loser® clients
•Conduct team motivational meetings
•Participate in meetings with experts (i.e., MDs, registered dietitians, and other allied health professionals)
•Connect with individuals who want to lose weight using state-of-the-art technologies with NO required software to download or install
•Simultaneously train up to 15 viewable participants, as well as additional off-screen participants, online at BiggestLoserLiveTraining.com
•Attend lectures by experts on a selection of topics covering behavior modification, nutrition, exercise, and more
•Present programs using desktop and application sharing (including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations)
•Register clients for Biggest Loser® challenges
•Hold team meetings for Biggest Loser® challenge participants
•Network with other Biggest Loser® Pros
•Conduct official Biggest Loser® challenges at your local facility.Any other challenge activities will not be recognized. Look for complete details on BiggestLoserLiveTraining.com.
•Teach Biggest Loser® circuit workouts

"There are other requirements and paperwork that I will fill out and complete the application. The Biggest Loser® Live Training program is set to debut in June 2011. I can't wait," Yang says.

"It would be really cool to have Jillian and Bob coming over to help me kick off a community-wide weight-loss boot camp or Biggest Loser® contest for fundraising at the Gardner’s Field," Yang adds.

For anyone interested in Biggest Loser® training, please email Carey at BeyondFitnessSolutions.com to get on the priority-notification list once the program is available to the public.

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