Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Jersey Fitness Expert Carey Yang Day 21 of Summer Beach Body Fitness Challenge

Day 21.

Workout Routine:

Dumbbell Biceps Curls

@ 35# x 8+6, @ 30# x 8+6, @ 25# x 10+8 x 3 sets

Superset (3 sets)

- Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise @ 25/25# x 10 reps

- Alternating Dumbbell Front Raise @ 25# x 6+6 reps

Cybex Machine Shoulder Press Superset (3 sets)

- Single-Arm Shoulder Press @ 50# x 5+5+5+5

- Two-Arm Shoulder Press @ 110# x 10

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Increase Your Workout Intensity Without Joint Pain

Many overweight people start to work out to lose weight with good intention. As a certified personal trainer, I also encourage my clients to pick up intensity but slowly. Progressive overloading is the key to permanent weight loss, fitness and body transformation.

However, far too many increase intensity either lifting weight or running on the treadmill too much too soon. They end up with joint pains on their shoulders and knees.

Although high-intensity exercise increases total caloric burn for that specific workout, remember that weight loss is a mathematical "calorie in and calorie out" equation. You have to burn more calories than you put in your body. So eat a healthy, clean diet and try to burn at least 1,500 calories a week. That is the minimum recommended number of calories you should burn to improve health according the American College of Sports Medicine. For weight loss, you should increase your caloric burn up to 2,000 to 3,000 calories a week.

Be careful following your friends through a high-impact, high-intensity workout if you are feeling pain in your joints. Some people's joints are more prone to a painful inflammation response, so do what you can do and modify your program based on your personal goals and abilities.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Morris County Personal Trainer Carey Yang Day 13 of Beach Ready Body Fitness Challenge

A busy day training clients, good for a break for myself in a different way.

Bodyweight Circuit Training (3 sets)

- Y Squat x 20 reps

- Jumping Lunges x 20 reps

- Pushups x 30 reps

- Pullup (neutral grip) + leg raise x 5 – 10 reps

- Mountain Climbers x 30 reps

Monday, April 05, 2010

New Jersey Fitness Expert Announces 90 Day Fitness Challenge to A Beach Ready Body

Lack of motivation is one of the most cited challenges I heard over and over again when consulting my fitness training prospects,” says Carey Yang, Founder and Master Trainer of Denville, NJ-based Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC.

“Sometimes, a dream vacation could be the motivation to ‘get kicked in the butt’ in order to get in shape,” Yang says. “This time I’m going to kick my own butt and get in top shape before vacation in Hawaii. I’m already lean and fit. But I’m going to get my beach-ready body for photoshoot just like every summer or even better.”

“As the leading in-home personal fitness trainer and boot camp instructor, I walk the talk and want to set a good example for my clients and for myself. So I’m announcing my own 90 day fitness challenge before my summer vacation in Hawaii.” Yang says.

Accountability means doing whatever you promise yourself to do for your personal reasons. Yang will post his daily workout, nutrition, challenges and journals through his website, blog and social media network. All is welcome to follow him in the following 90 days via:

Yang says his 90 Day Fitnes Challenge is also an open invitation to everyone creating his own challenge.
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