Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How a Former Skin Guy Helps You Build Muscles

Are you frustrated with not making consistent gains?

Do you want a hard, ripped, rock-solid body that will make everyone stare when you walk by?

Are you fed up with all the conflicting bodybuilding information?

Then stop bodybuilding magazines. Stop this endless cycle of buying into the lies that the publishers don't want you to know.

Dirty Little Lie #1:
"Train like a bodybuilder to become a bodybuilder..."

Dirty Little Lie #2:
"If you want to increase your strength and have spectacular muscle growth, just follow the magazines..."

Dirty Little Lie #3:
"The body of your dreams is locked inside this liquid... this powder... or these pills."

After thousands of dollars in the drain and countless hours in the gym, Vince Delmonte, a former skiny guy, has transformed himself into a fitness model champion and highly sought-after fitness coach.

His No Nonsense Muscle Building program for skinny guys offer a totally different approach and view from the main street sponsored muscle building distortion.

If you're a hardgainer or skinny guy and want to build sizable muscles naturally drug-free, you've got to check out his new program. Vince also has a companion program for women as well.

If you want to build lean muscles, shed fat, flatten your mid sectoin and carve a set of six pack abs, go to Vince's site and check him out.

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The No Nonsense Muscle Building program also comes 10+ video training lessons. If you've been waiting for an affordable online training program, this is THE ONE!

In this program, you get...
  • The most highly guarded muscle building ingredient of al time - It has nothing to do sets, reps, and the way you train. (You might not want to share this with anybody it is so damn powerful).
  • The 9 fundamental laws of human muscle growth - Anchor yourself to these principles and you will never waste another workout in your life.
  • The truth about training to failure - Is it really necessary to go to failure, or are you actually digging your own grave? (I can't wait to tell you this!!!)
  • EXACTLY how much and how little to train - Train too long and your Testosterone levels will drop like a rock. How long is too long? I'll show you.
  • The hidden truth about High Intensity – I'm handing you the simple formula to measure your workout intensity. With just this alone, others will think you're a professional trainer!
  • The key to unlocking “Untrained” and “untouched” muscle fibers - Unless you have your own MRI machine this is nearly impossible if you don't know my secret. Use this one tip in your next workout and I guarantee muscle growth 4 days from now.
  • The little-known secret to eliminating training plateaus completely – You can now easily side step the #1 reason for a roadblock.
  • A sneaky “trick” to get more recruitment from your muscles – This is guaranteed to wake up more muscle fibers than ever before. Don't get scared if you feel like your skin is going to rip!
  • 5 easy tips to skyrocket your Testosterone levels - Don't screw up here because you have the chance to take your muscularity to a new level, crank up your sex drive, improve your recovery and look like a REAL man!
This muscle building success kit comes a list of 12 bonuses worth $992 of amazing value.

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Stop looking. Start moving!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pre-Hallowen Pumpkin Workout

This is a fat loss workout using pumpkin as the training tool demonstrated by Holly Rigsby (as Olivia Newton John singing Physical) at FitYummyMummy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Flat Stomaches are Good for You

In addition to looking good, feeling great, the ultimate quest to flat stomach or six pack abs has its health benefits.

You are

50% less likely to develop heart disease,

16% less likely to die of a first heart attack,

50% less likely to have erectile dysfunction,

70% less likely to develop high blood pressure,

35% less likely to develop kidney cancer,

90% less likely to suffer from gallstones,

14% less likely to develop osteoarthritis,

19% less likely to die in a car crash,

if you have a flat stomach.

Are these reduced health risks enough to get you going?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Basic Bodyweight Training #5

Well, definitely not basic at all!!

Basic Bodyweight Training #4

All right. It's so basic now.

More jumping in the air. Catch your breath when you can.

Tuck Jump => Clapping Pushup => Burpee

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Basic Bodyweight Training #3

It's getting a little more challenging!

A little more jumping, a little more plyometric ... to keep you airborne against the gravity!

Put your muscles to use ... power, speed and stamina!

Jumping Squat => T-Pushup => Jumping Split Squat

Basic Bodyweight Training #2

A little more variations in Basic Bodyweight Training #2.

Overhead Squat => One-leg Pushup => One-leg Romanian Deadlift => Forward/Reverse Lunge (same leg)

You can progress from Basic Bodyweight Training #1 and combine with #2 as a circuit training routine.

Basic Bodyweight Training #1

My first training video.

Basic Bodyweight Training #1

Squat => Pushup => Romanian Deadlift => Lunge

Just crank up as many as you can do for one minute in each exercise.

Enjoy the sun and sweat!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Top 5 Weight Loss Traps

When you're dieting, you know that you should have and could have done to save the calories, but then surrender in the last minute. What went wrong?

Here are 5 dieting traps and how to avoid them.

1. Feeling pressured to eat in social functions.
Simply eat something before you show up. Tell the host or hostess that you enjoy the party very much but just have a big meal before you come or you're leaving soon for another function. Nibble on healthy appetizers.

2. Two for One - Sabotaged by your partner
When you want to shape up or eat healthy, but your significant other doesn't. That's tough. And it could cause trouble in your relationship. Suggest that you work out together or find mutually enjoyable activities to do. Find alternate healthy menu. Reduce the portion size.

3. Visualizing you're thinner than you really are
After all, more than 2/3 of Americans are either overweight or obese. Yet only 40 percent of them believe themselves to be too fat. When you're surrounded by so may overweight people around you every day, your brain thinks that you're one of them even if you're not. So take a picture of yourself. Know your BMI and body fat%. You can measure using a scale or get a personal trainer to measure for you. Your image in the mirror won't always register in your brain. But an actual real picture of yourself will.

4. You're stressed out
When you're stressed out, you're more likely to resort to binge-eating due to a brain hormone called cortico-trophin-releasing factor (CRF). Your ability to manage your stress and put it under control has a great deal to do with your overall health. Take deep breaths for a minute focusing on the center of your chest. Your breathing helps your mind to calm down and relax.

5. You're a perfectionist
Many people adopt hung-ho all-or nothing approach to weight loss. It's a sure-fire prescription to disaster. There is NO perfect weight loss solution. The perfect one is a regime that you can stick it, follow through and see results. If you give yourself 10% chance of slacking off, you'll still be on track without derailing. That's, if you're good 90% of the time in your exercise and nutrition plan, you'll be perfectly okay. Think long term - 3 years, 5 years from now. In fact, it's life-long journey and commitment.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How to Eat Healthy in Economic Slowdown

The global economy and stock market has been down, down and down more .....!!!

Many people start to get sick from changing weather and faltering retirement fund. Your immune system is weakened from worries and stresses. You will pay for it later. But you can invest in your health NOW! The short-term and long-term returns are guaranteed!!

A strong immune system is one of your best defenses against infections from bacteria and viruses. And, a healthy immune response helps protect against other health problems such as arthritis and certain types of cancer. Good nutrition is essential to maintaining the immune system’s ability to function at optimal levels.

Follow the advices from the American Dietic Association. You can eat your way to better health and out of this economic slowdown and market meltdown. You'll be prepared when the conditions turn better.

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Total nutrient intake for the day is usually higher for children and adults who eat breakfast. A breakfast of whole grain cereal, milk and 100 percent orange juice can provide 100 percent of the vitamin C, 33 percent of the calcium and a good supply of folate and other nutrients for a day.

2. Swap whole grains for refined grains. Simply changing to whole grain alternatives adds more nutrient-rich foods to your diet. Whole grain breads, brown rice and whole grain cereal can help enhance fiber intake while providing protective antioxidants. Be sure to check the ingredients label to make sure a food contains whole grain. Snacking on whole wheat crackers or popcorn is a quick way to get the nutritional benefits of whole grains.

3. Trouble-free veggies: Grab a bag of pre-washed salad greens and a variety of pre-cut veggies for a quick, nutrient-rich salad. Toss chopped, steamed or sautéed vegetables with your favorite pasta or on top of pizza to add more nutrition to your favorite meals. Color your plate with a variety of vegetables—red, orange, green, and yellow—to get key vitamins and minerals such as potassium.

4. Choose fresh, whole fruit. Opt for fresh fruit as a convenient on-the-go snack or a naturally sweet dessert. Smoothies are another easy way to add more fresh fruit to your diet. Just whip up some fresh or frozen fruit, low-fat yogurt, fat-free milk, and orange juice in a blender for a cool, refreshing drink that’s great tasting and packed with nutrients.

5. Sneak in some beans. Whether they’re pinto, kidney, black, or navy beans—even chickpeas— all beans provide fiber, folate, and flavonoids which are important to maintaining overall health. Try them in salads, soups, burritos, mixed with rice or pasta, or just plain baked.

For a lifetime of better health:

  • Choose more nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Be physically active
  • Minimize stress
  • Get plenty of sleep

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Healthy Snacking

In an earlier post, I suggest three simple eating strategies to help you avoid energy slump, control your cravings and boost your metabolism.

Let's go the detailed plan of attack on what to eat and when to eat to keep your energy levels stoked all day long. Healthy snacking on the right foods at the right times keeps you from indulging in often high-sugar and high-fat comfort foods.

7:00 AM Jump-Start Your Day
Breakfast meanss "break" your "fast" for not having eaten for 8 hours. Your blood sugar level is low. It's time to refuel your body with lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy essential fats.

Good Ideas: fiber-rich cereal, 2% milk; trail mix of nuts, raisins and chocolate chips; cottage cheese and fresh fruits.

10:30 AM Keep Your Engine Going
It takes your body 2 to 3 hours to digest a meal. Going longer that, your body and energy level starts to dip. It's time to have a light heathy snacks to keep your metabolism from waning.

Good Ideas: fresh fruits with peanut butter, lightly sweentened or unsweentened tea.

12:00 PM Have a Power Lunch
It's time to catch up for the morning and prepare for the afternoon. You need to stock up to keep your engine running longer and efficiently.

Good Ideas: mixed salad, green vegetables with olive oil topped with lean protein sources (tune fillet, chicken, ham or hard-boiled eggs); bean burrito with hot sauce.

3:30 PM Beat the Afternoon Slump
This is the time to separate the disciplined ones from the weak.

Good Ideas: light yogurt, crackers with peanut butter.

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