Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How to Eat Healthy in Economic Slowdown

The global economy and stock market has been down, down and down more .....!!!

Many people start to get sick from changing weather and faltering retirement fund. Your immune system is weakened from worries and stresses. You will pay for it later. But you can invest in your health NOW! The short-term and long-term returns are guaranteed!!

A strong immune system is one of your best defenses against infections from bacteria and viruses. And, a healthy immune response helps protect against other health problems such as arthritis and certain types of cancer. Good nutrition is essential to maintaining the immune system’s ability to function at optimal levels.

Follow the advices from the American Dietic Association. You can eat your way to better health and out of this economic slowdown and market meltdown. You'll be prepared when the conditions turn better.

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Total nutrient intake for the day is usually higher for children and adults who eat breakfast. A breakfast of whole grain cereal, milk and 100 percent orange juice can provide 100 percent of the vitamin C, 33 percent of the calcium and a good supply of folate and other nutrients for a day.

2. Swap whole grains for refined grains. Simply changing to whole grain alternatives adds more nutrient-rich foods to your diet. Whole grain breads, brown rice and whole grain cereal can help enhance fiber intake while providing protective antioxidants. Be sure to check the ingredients label to make sure a food contains whole grain. Snacking on whole wheat crackers or popcorn is a quick way to get the nutritional benefits of whole grains.

3. Trouble-free veggies: Grab a bag of pre-washed salad greens and a variety of pre-cut veggies for a quick, nutrient-rich salad. Toss chopped, steamed or sautéed vegetables with your favorite pasta or on top of pizza to add more nutrition to your favorite meals. Color your plate with a variety of vegetables—red, orange, green, and yellow—to get key vitamins and minerals such as potassium.

4. Choose fresh, whole fruit. Opt for fresh fruit as a convenient on-the-go snack or a naturally sweet dessert. Smoothies are another easy way to add more fresh fruit to your diet. Just whip up some fresh or frozen fruit, low-fat yogurt, fat-free milk, and orange juice in a blender for a cool, refreshing drink that’s great tasting and packed with nutrients.

5. Sneak in some beans. Whether they’re pinto, kidney, black, or navy beans—even chickpeas— all beans provide fiber, folate, and flavonoids which are important to maintaining overall health. Try them in salads, soups, burritos, mixed with rice or pasta, or just plain baked.

For a lifetime of better health:

  • Choose more nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Be physically active
  • Minimize stress
  • Get plenty of sleep

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