Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Jersey Fitness Expert Carey Yang Urges Cancer Patients and Survivors to Start Regular Exercise Program

New Jersey Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Carey Yang urges cancer patients and cancer survivors to start a regular exercise program to help them recover from cancer treatment quicker and reduce risk of cancer recurrence.

DENVILLE, NJ — June 29, 2010 — “If having cancer, recovering from it or surviving it didn’t give you enough scare and motivation to start a regular exercise program, you’d better wake up and do it now,” says Carey Yang, a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness expert and president of Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC based in Denville, New Jeresy.

According to new guidelines published by Dr. Kathryn Schmitz of the University of Pennsylvania and her colleages, cancer survivors are urged to exercise even more than those undergoing treatment.

There are nearly 12 million cancer survivors nationwide. There is no positive proof yet that more active people may lower risk of a cancer recurrence. As with any aging people, the longer cancer survivors live, the better the exercise can help them fight rhe risk of heart disease.

In general, physical activity improves quality of life and eases some cancer-related fatigue. Regular exercise can minimize physical functioning from declining too quickly after the therapy.

Dr. Wendy Demark-Wahnefried of the University of Alabama at BirminghamIn says, “in one year, women who needed chemotherapy for their breast cancer can see a swapping of muscle for fat that’s equivalent to 10 years of normal aging. In other words, a 45-year-old may find herself with the fatter, weaker body type of a 55-year-old.”

The American College of Sports Medicine also issued guidelines this month advising cancer survivors to aim for the same amount of exercise as recommended for the average person – about 2 1/2 hours a week.

Yang offers his tips for cancer patients and cancer survivors how to start a regular exercise program to help them recover from cancer treatment quicker and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

1. Consult your oncology doctor before starting an exercise program.

2. See a certified personal trainer or specialist who understand your conditions and special needs.

3. Start slowly at lower intensity and shorter duration. Build it up progressively. Consistency is the key to success.

4. Never give up. There are many support services to help you.

About C. Carey Yang and Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC

C. Carey Yang, Your Dream Body WorkoutXpert, is a certified personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor based in Denville, New Jersey. Yang is the founder and master trainer of Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC providing in-home personal fitness training, backyard boot camp, wellness and lifestyle coaching, and fitness and weight-management seminar.

Yang specializes in helping busy, working professionals who want safe, effective workouts with maximum results in minimum time. Yang is the creator of the 6-Step Dream Body Blueprint Body Transformation System.

To learn more about lifestyle and wellness coaching, personal fitness training and nutritional counseling and to sign up for a free monthly e-zine, receive free fitness and fat loss e-books, and schedule a complimentary consultation, visit http://www.beyondfitnesssolutions.com/.

He is also available for media interviews, providing a list of tips and articles, and presenting wellness and fitness seminar. Call 973-303-2424 or email Carey@BeyondFitnessSolutions.com.

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