Monday, December 06, 2010

Baby Boomers Now Can Exercise Safely, Build Strength and Prevent Injuries with Denville Senior Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer

Denville Personal Trainer Carey Yang designs a BoomerFitandTone™ training program to help baby boomers exercise safely and effectively, build total body strength and conditioning, and improve balance and prevent injuries.

DENVILLE, NJ -- December 6, 2010 -- Aging baby boomers now can learn from the best personal trainer and fitness expert on how to exercise safely, improve cardiovascular conditioning, build muscular strength and endurance, improve balance and flexibility, and prevent injuries through the BoomerFitandTone™ total body conditioning program.

“BoomerFitandTone™ is a total body conditioning Senior Fitness program borne of my years of training baby boomer clients to meet their ever changing needs and demands,” says Carey Yang, a certified personal trainer, fitness expert and the owner of Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC based in Denville, New Jersey.

Americans are growing older and living longer. By the year 2030, approximately 21 percent (or 70 million Americans) will be over 65 years of age. As baby boomers start to reach retirement age, they are looking for ways to extend their longevity, rejuvenate their youth and improve their quality of life. Senior fitness is a growing new trend.

“Exercise in senior fitness is an important factor in preventing or at least slowing down many age-related declines in physical functions and performance,” Yang says. “In addition to losing weight and eating healthy, aging baby boomers are concerned about cardiovascular conditioning, muscular and bone strength, flexibility and balance.”

All these factors need to be taken into consideration altogether to help baby boomers improve overall health and senior fitness. Many baby boomers have pre-existing medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Medications may limit their exercise capacity. “It’s prudent for baby boomers to train with a fitness professional who understands their needs and has experience in developing an exercise program just for them,” says Yang.

“I have many baby boomer clients who enjoy modified kickboxing. They’re loving it! They feel powerful, strong and younger. They absolutely enjoy the workout without feeling that they are exercising,” Yang says. “This is the best gift I can give them.”

Yang advocates lifelong fitness and health. He offers a few tips for baby boomers to start an exercise program.

1. Consult an orthopaedic surgeon or sports medicine specialist if you have any prior sports or orthopaedic injuries.

2. Always warm up and stretch before any physical activity.

3. Train with a qualified fitness professional, at least in the beginning, to guide

4. Invest in good equipment and proper shoes.

5. Start slow and progress steadily.

6. Listen to your body.

About C. Carey Yang and Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC

C. Carey Yang, Your Dream Body WorkoutXpertTM, is a certified personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor based in Denville, New Jersey. He provides in-home personal fitness training, backyard boot camp, wellness and lifestyle coaching, and fitness and weight-management seminar. He specializes in helping busy, working professionals who want safe, effective workouts with maximum results in minimum time. Yang is the creator of the 6-Step Dream Body BlueprintTM Body Transformation System.

To learn more about lifestyle and wellness coaching, personal fitness training and nutritional counseling and to sign up for a free monthly e-zine, receive free fitness and fat loss e-books, and schedule a complimentary consultation, visit

He is also available for media interviews, providing a list of tips and articles, and presenting wellness and fitness seminar. Call 973-303-2424 or email Carey at

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