Sunday, September 25, 2011

Revolutionary Kettlebell Exercises and Circuit Workout Program to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

Too busy for the gym?

Frustrated with your lack of FAT LOSS progress?

Sick of cardio machines?

Ready to try a REVOLUTIONARY way of losing fat?

“Discover How You Can Burn Body Fat, Increase Your Energy Levels, And Dramatically Increase The Confidence That You Have In Your Body…All With A Single Piece Of Exercise Equipment No Bigger Than A Bowling Ball!!!”

INTRODUCING…The Turbulence Training (TM) Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System

Say goodbye to expensive home gym contraptions and cardio machines and get ready to lose body fat in the comfort of your own home with only a KETTLEBELL!!!

Would you like to lose fat faster than ever before without going to a stinky, dirty, over-priced mega-gym and without being forced to spend hundreds of dollars on workout equipment that just turns your house into a cluttered mess of exercise machines, dumbbells, benches and balls?

Or if you’re sick and tired of driving to and from the gym everyday, wasting time competing for dumbbells and bench space or putting your name on a waiting list for cardio equipment, then get ready for the solution to your workout and fat loss problems.

You’re about to discover a proven workout system that will sculpt your body, burn belly fat, rapidly increase your strength and fitness, and dramatically boost your self-confidence - all in less than 120 Minutes Per Week while using only a small piece of exercise equipment that can be stored under your bed, in your closet, the trunk of your car, or even behind a houseplant in the corner of your living room – and there’s no assembly required.

Chris Lopez, RKC and The ORIGINAL Certified Turbulence Trainer and your TT Kettlebell Revolution Expert, with the help of World Famous Turbulence Training creator and Men’s Health Magazine expert, Craig Ballantyne, has released a reovolutionary fat loss to burn fat and transform your body using the proven Turbulence Training for Fat Loss System combined with high-intensity kettlebell exercises called:

TT Kettlebell Revolution Workouts for Fat Loss System

How do I know if Kettlebell Revolution Workouts work for me?

Trust me, I know, because I’ve been using kettlebell workouts for years…and I know what its like to be so busy that you can’t get a moment to yourself to think…after all.

Chris has 5 kids, 2 business, and coaches national level athletes in his “spare time” – heck, he's even trained with kettlebells in a hospital parking lot while his wife was in PRE-labor with our 5th child!

What do you get in the TT Kettlebell Revolution Program?

It’s actually 3 eBooks worth of amazing workout programs that have helped hundreds of Chris' clients lose over 187 pounds of fat and 73 inches from their bodies. In fact, Howard used these workouts and lost 6 pounds of fat in just 28 days.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy working mom or dad who only has 20 minutes to workout before the kids get up in the morning, or a shift worker with only 15 minutes to exercise before another 12 hours of work. These workouts work for all busy people.

You’ll get over 36-weeks packed with high-energy workouts that will burn belly fat with unique and fun total body kettlebell exercises performed with you by Chris Lopez, where Chris will coach you through each movement perfectly so you get maximum results with correct form.

The TT Kettlebell Revolution workouts don’t just give you some fat burning theory and then leave you to struggle on your own. Instead, Chris is right there side by side with you through every workout in the TT Kettlebell tell-show-do sequence that explains how you can increase the workout intensity if needed or back off to any beginner level.

You’ve never done a kettlebell workout like this. And you’ll finish each session knowing – not hoping or praying or wishing – but knowing, full well, that you are on the path to success and that its only a matter of days before those clothes are going to feel looser and fit better.

Are Kettlebell Fat Loss Workouts suitable for women?


It has a special section Kettlebell Workouts for Women, designed specifically to target those trouble areas that leave you frustrated and looking for a better answer. The TTKB For Women Program contains exercises and workouts that will get you a long, lean, feminine physique using just a Kettlebell and various bodyweight movemnts. This program is a circuit style workout that will give you a flat tummy, toned legs and the sexy, sculpted arms of a dancer.

Not only does the Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution System give you the home workout plan you need to lose fat, but it also gives you the FREEDOM so many of us are looking for today.

The freedom to cut the shackles and chains from traditional machine-based fat loss workouts that require us to live on someone else’s time, going to the gym when it’s open, or waiting in line until someone else is done with the treadmill we want to use.

But you’ll no longer be a prisoner to other people’s demands when you join the Kettlebell Revolution. After all, the biggest part of the Revolution is the freedom you earn. The freedom to do our best, change our lives, and never, ever, EVER give up.

The time is NOW! Try it out Today!

Click here to learn more how to use kettlebell workouts to lose fat and build muscle at the same time right in the comfort of your own home.

Check out the Kettlebell Revolution Workout for Fat Loss

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