Sunday, September 04, 2011

Best Barbell Bench Press to Build Big Chest Muscles

Carey Yang, Certified Personal Trainer & Dream Body Expert
"Barbell Bench Press"

Morris County NJ personal trainer, fitness bootcamp coach and your dream body workout expert Carey Yang shows how to do barbell bench press to build muscular chest muscles.

Having big, massive, rounded, muscular and separated chest muscles is a standard for bodybuilders and a dream goal for men who want to look big and muscular. Bench press is the foundation or basic exercise to build chest muscles

Bench press is the grand daddy of bodybuilding exercises to build overall big chest muscles. Make sure you pull/point your elbows directly toward the floor. Also keep your elbows tucked in by your sides, not to flare out.

Focus on contracting or squeezing your pectoral (chest) muscles on the top of the pressing movement. Lowering the weight smooth with good control. Have a spotter when you're pushing your max without getting injured.

The standard lifting tempo (rep speed) is 3 seconds down (lowering the weight) and 2 seconds up (pressing the weight up). It can varied at different tempos. The key is still keeping good form, good control of the weight and good contraction of chest muscles, instead of merely moving the weight from point A to point B.

In addtion to mainly targeting your chest muscles, bench press also works on the triceps (particularly the lateral head) and anterior deltoid (front shoulder) muscles.

You can also vary the width of your grip and angle of the seated bench to shift tension (muscle contraction) from chest to triceps or shoulders. Remember to tuck in your elbows by your sides and pointed down toward the floor regardless of the grip width and seated angles.

Watch the barbell bench press video:

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