Friday, February 13, 2009

3 Relationship Traps to Your Weight Loss

As much as you love your partner, there bounds to be some differences that make you unique. The unique difference could cause tension between you and your partnership on your quest to weight loss and fitness.

Generally speaking, people start to get lazy and slack off once they're in a steady relationship and after they're married. According to a Minnesota Study, women add nearly 1 point to ther BMI (or about 7 pounds) while men put on an extra 0.7 (or roughly 5 pounds) during the early years of marriage.

One may be the meat-and-potato type. The other may be a vegetarian. One likes to eat pizza or cheeseburger and the other could be a soup-and-salad craze. One could be a gym rat while the other is a TV couch-potato.

Blaming and arguing with each other won't get you closer in your relationship and to your goal weight. Here are 3 relationship fat traps and strategies to overcome them so that you and your partnership can maintain or even improve harmony in your relationship and shrink your waistline.

#1 Stop criticizing and teasing each other. Find the common ground and support each other. Instead of bashing on eating junk food, focus on healthy food choices and portions. Allow some occasional treats for satisfaction, not deprivation.

#2 Find fun activities and exercise together. It helps find quality time together and improve your relationship. Give the other the motivation.

#3 Make peace with foods. A calorie is a calorie. Calories do count. Calorie quality and nutrient density is just as important as calorie quantity in health and weight loss. Food is the source of energy to fuel your body and mind. Make friend with food, not enemy.

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