Sunday, May 01, 2011

Beach Ready Body Shape-up: Barbell Complex Total Body and Core Circuit Training

C. Carey Yang, Celebrity Personal Trainer
Dream Body WorkoutXpert
It's May 1st. Now we're seriously looking forward to nice, warm to hot summer weather and beach season.

If you've been slacking off your strength training, cardio and diet, it's about time to clean up your junk pantry, lace up your running shoes, and pick up weight and lift.

Following yesterday's circuit training based on barbell, dumbbell and bodyweight, here is another fat-burning circuit training that would help you slim down, shape up your 6 pack abs and beach-ready body just in time for the summer.

Part A is a total-body barbell complex circuit workout using the same 135# weight for all exercises that will working on chest, triceps, glutes, lat, traps and core stabilization.

Part B is core circuit workout that will work on your abs, oblique, lower back and hip from different angles and directions.

Part A: Barbell Complex Circuit Workout (135#) x 4 circuits
- Squat x 10 reps
- Bench Press (medium-width grip) x 10 reps
- Romanian Deadlift (mixed-grip) x 10 reps
- Bent-over Rows (underhand grip) x 10 reps
- Traps Shrugs (wide grip) x 10 reps
* Brief break for 15 seconds between exercises to change position.
* Rest for 2 minutes between circuits

Part B: Abs and Core Circuit Workout x 3 circuits
- Decline bench reverse left raise x 10 reps
- Decline bench oblique side twist  and circling x 5 in each direction
- Decline bench weighted full crunches @ 35# x 6 reps
- Decline bench weighted lower half crunches @ 35# 12 reps
- Decline bench weighted upper half crunches @ 35# x 6 reps


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