Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Have Sustainable Self Motivation

I recently conducted a Fitness Seminar titled "New Year, New Body, New YOU! 7 Steps to Jump-Start New Year's Resolutions."

"Lose weight" and "get fit" are two of the top 10 New Year's resolutions. Unfortunately, these are two of the resolutions that most people cannot stick to.

In the beginning of the seminar, I asked the audience their #1 challenge that stopped them from achieving their goals in fitness and weight loss.

Lack of motivation is near the top of that challenge list. It's also one of reasons why my clients hire me as a personal trainer to inject a dose of motivation into them and hold them accountable to their goals.

People know "what" to do in general to stay healthy and lose weight. It's the "how" part that makes all the difference.

You can say and resolve whatever you want to do. Having a action plan and actually doing it is the key to success to anything in this world. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder.

Here are 3 quick tips that may keep you motivated.

  1. Begin with the end. Start your weight loss journey with the end results in mind. It's not only about the number of pounds you want to lose, but the shape of your body you want, how would you feel. What are emotions associated with that feelings when you finally get it. This is the first part of my Dream Body Blueprint(TM) body transformation system. An easy way to keep your dream body picture anywhere, particularly in kitchen and workout area, to remind you and keep you on track.
  2. Bring out the why. It's the burning desire, emotions about your resolutions that keep you going. It's easy to sidetracked with so many things to juggle. You've got to set your priority straight. So ask youself, "Why" do I want to lose weight? Dig in deep for the real reason for what you want to achieve. Then your goal is more meaningful, has some value and sense of achievement and satisfaction when you finally accomplish. It provides the real source of power and motivation when you hit the inevitable roadblocks.
  3. Write them down. I know. I know. I know. Knowing is one thing. To do is another. Words are powerful. A picture is worth thousand words. That's why it's important to write whatever your goal and plan it. Also write down your daily tasks. What do you plan to do today so that you're a step closer to your goal? Look at your dream body picture. Start your day in the right mindset and action.
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