Friday, October 14, 2011

The 4 Forgotten Habits of Highly Fit and Healthy People

If you missed the last article on The Top 3 Habits of Highly Fit and Healthy People, you can read it here or click on the following link.

Here are four more habits of highly fit and healthy people. They're equally important elements to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Habit #4: They Have Goals

Highly fit, in-shape people always have a goal. After all, you can’t improve something unless you know what you are trying to improve it to. Those goals can be small and incremental, or large and ambitious. In either case, they act with a sense of purpose when it comes to their health and physical fitness.

Whether that goal is to maintain their current physique, improve it, reduce body fat, gain additional muscle, increase their endurance or stamina, become more flexible, improve their coordination, or develop a better golf swing, they will always have a goal that they are shooting for.

They have more stable blood sugar, more consistent energy levels, and are less prone to gaining body fat because they rarely eat more calories in any given meal than their body can utilize.

Healthy Habit #5: They Drink Water

Highly fit people understand the benefits of water. When you see them, whether it's at the gym, at home or in the office, a bottle of water will often be close at hand. Proper hydration isn’t just important to athletes and runners, but everyone. Water can blunt fatigue, improve concentration and thought clarity, discourage the formation of kidney stones, improve digestion and improve performance in the gym.

Healthy Habit #6: They Don’t Diet!

Highly fit and healthy people understand that long term health and fitness requires consistently eating smart. And smart eating for a highly fit person is just part of their everyday routine.

They don’t skip breakfast. The often bring their own lunch to work and they seem to always be snacking on healthy foods like apples, vegetables and nuts.

The one exception to this rule is competitive male and female bodybuilding. Competitive bodybuilders will often diet leading up to a competition in order to drive their body fat down to very low levels. It’s very difficult for any person, no matter how well-conditioned they are, to maintain these extremely low, competition-grade body fat levels for any significant amount of time.

Healthy Habit # 7: They Record Their Progress

Healthy, highly-fit people keep track of their exercise so they can determine whether they are actually making progress toward their goals. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

It may simply be a notebook where they write down each exercise, the weight and completed reps. Or it may be more formal, for example a store-bought exercise and fitness log or a sheet provided by their gym.

It takes conscious and consistent effort to break old habits and form new healthy habits. Start small. Pick 1 to 2 habits a week to work on. Pay attention to your focus and environment. Make sure they're helping, not sabotaging.


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