Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are You Committing These 3 Fitness Sins?

Do you know conventional workout and diet programs don't work and why they keep you flabby?

Itʼs not that most diet or exercise programs are wrong. They all offer a piece of the puzzle and thatʼs part of the problem.

They donʼt look at the whole picture. Diet books offer sample workouts. Workout programs provide universal diet guide. Rarely anyone ever mentions the importance of mindset, lifestyle and social enviroment in building your dream body.

You may have lost some weight, or a lot of weight. But you didn't get into great shape to show off confidently. Youʼre only getting a fraction of the solution!
Here are three fitness sins you may have committed that keeping you from your best body ever!

Sin #1: You lift too heavy or too light. And worse yet, you do the same (wrong) workout and routine over and over. You need a carefully planned combination of workout methods if you want to make people sit up and take notice.

Sin #2: You eat too much or too little. The worst part is that you follow the latest fad diet programs - low fat diet, low carb diet, high protein diet. whole grain diet, dairy free diet, gluten free, fat free, sugar free, etc. What else? Now my head is spinning by typing these diets.

None of these diet crazes are totally "wrong" (some are). These fad diets all seem like theyʼre working at first. And then your results come to a grinding halt.Your body actually ends up looking worse. Itʼs because the ratio of where you store fat gets messed up. You also end up losing as much muscle as you do fat. And that muscle is what gives you your shape. Thatʼs why fad diets will never give you the body of your dreams.

Sin #3: You ignore your lifestyle, your mindset (or mentality), your social environmental and support. Everything is going great in the beginning for every new program. Your workouts are on track, youʼre eating healthy and youʼre starting to see results. Then the new project falls apart at work and you get stressed out. You have to travel more often on the road. Kids sports and activities are in the way. Your spouse demand you to do this and that. Your drinking buddies invite you for after-work happy hours. You start craving your favorite comfort junk foods. Life does get in the way, doesn't it? You have trouble sticking to your workouts. Your results slow down, stop, or even go backwards.

Now you're in trouble again. We've all been there. It's terrible feeling to watch all that hard work going down the drain! That's why your lifestyle, your freinds and family can have positive or negative influence on your fitness program is fat loss, muscle toning and buiding the body of your dream.

These all can be fixed easily.

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