Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The 3 Sins of Conventional Fitness Programs That Keep You Flabby

Itʼs not that most diet or exercise programs are wrong… They all offer a piece of the puzzle. But thatʼs part of the problem.

They donʼt look at the whole picture. Diet books offer a token workout. Workout programs pay lip service to diet. And NOBODY ever mentions the importance of lifestyle in building your dream body.

No wonder itʼs so hard for you to change the way your body looks. Youʼre only getting a fraction of the solution!

Here are three of the WORST sins of conventional diet and exercise programs. These things are keeping you from your best body ever!

Sin #1: Workout Programs Are One-DimensionalMost workout programs donʼt just ignore diet. They fail to mention the types of workouts you should be doing. Instead, they almost always focus on a onedimensional “gimmick”.

Those gimmicks might sell more books, but they wonʼt help you redesign your body. No, you need a carefully planned combination of workout methods if you want to make people sit up and take notice.

The story of The Shapeshifter is a great example of how fitness gimmicks can kill your progress and leave you a sad flabby shell of your health and fitness dreams.

Sin #2: Diet Programs Have Blinders OnLow fat diet. Low carb diet. High protein diet. Food pyramid diet. Whole grain diet. Dairy free. Gluten free. Fat free. Sugar free.

Is your head spinning yet?

None of these diet crazes are totally “wrong” (ok, some of them are…). Itʼs just that they donʼt give you the complete picture.

Diet books and programs need an “angle” to make them more appealing. So they latch on to one idea, and thatʼs all you get. Itʼs good for marketing but bad for your physique!

Low carb diets leave you feeling and looking “depleted” and flat.

Low fat diets mess with your hormones and shift your metabolism towards burning carbs, which only makes you store fat over the long term.

High protein or high fat diets give you free reign to eat as much “non-carb” food as you want. But youʼll get just as fat eating huge portions of nuts and cheese as you will on pasta. Weʼve seen countless physiques ruined by this approach.

These fad diets all seem like theyʼre working at first. And then your results come to a grinding halt.

Know what that means? Your body actually ends up LOOKING worse. Itʼs because the ratio of where you store fat gets messed up. You also end up losing as much muscle as you do fat. And that muscle is what gives you your SHAPE.

Thatʼs why fad diets will NEVER give you the body of your dreams. They just donʼt have it in them.

Sin #3: No Oneʼs Sharing The Lifestyle Secrets Of Body RedesignImagine this… Everythingʼs going great. Your workouts are on track, youʼre eating well and youʼre starting to see results. And then that new project falls apart at work and you get super-stressed.

What happens?

You start craving your favorite comfort foods. Youʼre lethargic and have trouble sticking to your workouts. Your results slow down, stop, or even go backwards.

Weʼve all been there. And itʼs a horrible feeling to watch all that hard work going down the drain!

Thatʼs just ONE example of how your lifestyle directly affects your body redesign results. What about friends, and the positive or negative influence they can have on your program?

They can be supportive of your hard work — or they can tempt you off your path. How should you deal with that? You canʼt just ditch your friends and family. You need the skills to navigate your social circle and STILL reach your physique and health goals!

The list goes on: sleep, setting goals, personal development and other important lifestyle factors all have a huge impact on your fat loss and muscle toning results.

But nobodyʼs talking about lifestyle! And thatʼs why you keep getting derailed just when you think youʼre about to reach your goal.

There are more, but those are the 3 biggest SINS that conventional diet and exercise programs are committing. We know it seems like the whole system is stacked against you, but donʼt worry. There are easy FIXES for all of them.

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