Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fitness Equipment Reivew: High End Treadmill

Treadmills range in price and can be cheap or very expensive. With the higher end models you are going to have to pay more money for them. The only consolation is that you are getting what you pay for. High quality parts and programs to meet your strictest requirements. So if youre serious about working out on a treadmill and have the money to buy a good quality one with admirable features then I can tell you which ones to buy.

The Precor treadmill 9.35 is a treadmill with lots of features attached to it. It can offer you impact control with a specialized system, it has a touch sensitive console, and integrated foot plant technology, Polar heart rate monitor and manual track. With the track you can use the walk or run feature, or use the four pre designed courses, two custom programs, a weightless program and a fitness test. You can also use the machine to determine your calories burned, distanced walked or run, and use the smart rate to keep track of your rate to ensure the ultimate workout was achieved.

The PaceMaster Premiere EXT offers you a lifetime warranty on almost everything. They boast themselves on their forty years of experience and winnings of many awards for their craftsmanship. This treadmill is guaranteed to be of the highest quality you could have when using a treadmill. It offers digital control, countless programs and accuracy with result scores and program planning. You can put in your user ID so that the treadmill keeps track of you and your fitness level and goals. It also offers a personal trainer program and a virtual reality workout session to keep you on track and motivated.

The Star Trac 8911 is a treadmill designed for beginners and advanced runners and walkers. It can be used as a light commercial product or a high end home use treadmill. It offers a huge running space to make sure that you have proper room to stretch out and maximize your workout. It offers Tri color LED display and a 12 character message display that keeps you always informed. Its heavy duty and made with commercial tubing and parts. You can choose over ten workout programs to keep your workout interesting and challenging for you. It comes with a ten key numeric keypad and two ply belt design.

The Bremshey Control Treadmill is a great treadmill for anyone looking for a foldable exercise machine. This low profile design is perfect for anyone with height restrictions and the foldable feature lets you store it in a space that keeps it hidden away. It also has a roll away design that allows you to move it around easily. This is a commercial quality product that will give you the best workout you could have. It has a quick start feature and manual one that keeps you on your toes. It offers a scrolling bar to keep track of all your important workout information. It has seven preset and three user programs for maximum results.

When buying a treadmill its important to read product reviews and find out what kind of warranties are available. You can also try standing on it and see how comfortable you feel on it. Ensure the features are right for you. While some features might be required for one persons workout it doesnt mean that they are also designed for you as well. Take exact measurements and make sure that it will look and fit right in your space.By: Roberto Sedycias


Top Exercise Freak said...

Nice Machine, more features for in the latest treadmill, but the rates have also moved northwards.

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