Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lose the Last 10 Pounds of Body Fat Forever

Confessions of A Fat Loss Enthusiast

It’s pretty teriffying to think how short our attention spans have become because of those text messages, tweets, status updates etc. Nowadays we all look for shortcuts, the easy and quick fix. And when it comes to weight loss, it gets worse because the market today is riddled with millions of ‘fast solutions’.

I’m telling you this because almost everyone I talk about fat loss related topics is pretty confused. They are even unsure about what is that they want from losing the weight. If you don’t understand your own motivation, how are you supposed to maintain your will power?

Aren’t you tired of spinning your wheels already? Do you want to be in bad shape for the rest of your life?

Actually, I’m so sure about my basic motivation. For me, keeping the weight off is a necessity, not a luxury.

That means I NEED to keep the weight off, not I WANT to keep the weight off. It’s a ‘need’ issue. I need to uncover my best physique because I hate it when I dislike what I see in the mirror. Yes, the mirror is more important than the scale for some people and it’s ok! Let me tell you what is not ok. It’s not ok if…

You hate taking your shirt off in front of people in places like your local pool or on the beach.

You don’t even bother wearing make-up as you feel ‘what’s the use’.

You feel like you are trapped into ‘what the hell I’m doing’ kind of exercises.

You are becoming extremely discouraged and depressed and feel like giving up.

I have to confess… My number one motivation is to look hot. If you have decided to lose weight due to health concerns, I truly respect you. But most of the time, it is the case that people want to lose weight for the purposes of getting a partner.

This is obviously a fairly basic motivation and not the bad motivator that some may claim. It is a fact that you are more likely to attract more potential partners the closer you are to the stereotype of physical beauty.

Let’s say you’ve found your love already and been having a great relationship… Don’t you sometimes wonder how to keep your spouse interested and happy?

Of all the reasons for weight loss my favourite has to be revenge. Let me explain: A man leaves a woman and runs off with a girl several pounds lighter. There is simply no better revenge then to turn up in his local bar several months later looking like the bomb.

Look at all those topics being discussed for years: How to lose weight quickly, how to burn stubborn fat, how to gain muscle, how to lose man boobs, how to get rid of baby weight…

You see, as well as the host of popular topics being discussed in the ‘weight loss’ media, the old favorites are still there. Some may sound dramatic but the point is that you need to let your subconscious know you’re serious about getting fit and keeping the weight off.

First of all, do what people like me, some of my friends and John Romaniello did. Confess to yourself what your number one fat loss motivation is.

If you are sure about your motivations and certain that you NEED to get rid of those extra pounds, take action right now! Click below and get a chance to grab a copy of John Romaniello’s Final Phase Fat Loss program.

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