Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is Goal Setting Overated?

In the world of weight loss, everyone is setting goals with ambition. Only half stayed on their diet and exercise program after 3 months. The longer term statistics is very saddening.

Many people make their New Year's Resolutions but fail to stick to the goals in a few months.

So why's that? Is goal setting overated? Why isn't it working for you?

What's the #1 key to fitness and weight loss success?

Is it dieting?

Is it weight lifting?

Is it interval training?

Is it low carb, low fat?

Or is it lifestyle?

These are all good and important elements. None of them is the difference that makes the difference if you miss this #1 key.



Even if I give the best physical training routine or nutrition program, what good is it if you cannot follow them?

Why do some people have the motivation to stick to their training and nutrition program, while some others fall off the wagon in a few weeks?

What makes the difference?

Tom Venuto, the author of the best-selling e-book Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle and the #1 best-seller The Body Fat Solutions, has launched a special project called Operation Motivation to help people resolve their goal setting issues and achieve the body they've always wanted.

OPERATION MOTIVATION is a set of short lessons in e-book and special report format, that explains all the psychological skills (the stuff that goes on in your head), that you need to learn in order to make permanent changes to your behavior and your lifestyle.

The new 50-plus-page e-book is titled The Science of Goal Achievement: 10 Secrets of Subconscious Mind Power and 7 Secrets of Scientific Goal Setting.

In this special e-book, you'll learn:

* MOTIVATIONAL PROPULSION SYSTEMS: How to program your mind to automatically and habitually exercise your body

* THE NEW VISUALIZATION BREAKTHROUGH: Take advantage of the mind- body connection with the techniques sports psychologists havebeen teaching for decades, along with 1 new twist.

* SUCCESS SEMANTICS: The psychological explanation for how words can enhance or destroy your health and how to turn failure talkinto success talk

* THE GOAL ACHIEVER'S SECRET WEAPON: How a cheap, portable little "tool" can install positive success programming into your mind

* END EMOTIONAL EATING: Eating to cope with stress, depression or other feelings, or eating for the wrong reasons can totally undermine the best nutrition plan. Learn the 5-step formula tostop it once and for all

* SELF IMAGE SECRETS: How the hidden image you hold of yourself in your mind is the prime reason for diet sabotage (and the same reason that 90% of lottery winners blow their winnings

This e-book and many follow-on lessons are only available to Tom' inner circle community and Burn the Fat client.

Now until Friday July 17 midnight, you'll have a chance to get this e-book for free if you purchase a copy of Tom's best-selling e-book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is the "bible of fat loss" for tensof thousands of men and women in over 143 countries worldwide andif you don't have the book yet, then this is a better opportunity than ever because you now get the MOTIVATION package bonuses along with the original Burn The Fat program.

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