Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buddy Up to Shape Up

If you made your New Year's Resolutions to get in shape this year and still stay on your training program, give yourself a round of applause and a pat on your back.

In fact, you beat 36% of the people who resolve to lose weight and change their eating habits. I have cited a study from the University of Scranton in my earlier post that only 64% of these resolutons are still maintained after one month.

That sounds encouraging since 2 out of 3 are still sticking to their resolutions. Unfortunately, enthusiasm and momentum may start to wear off after 6 weeks where many people hit the first critical plateau on the psychological and physical levels. Some people start to slack and slowly relapse in their training and diet. A few people find ways to change up to make it through. The same study showed that only half are still on track after 6 months.

In my TOP 10 Tips to Beat the New Year's Resolutoins Syndrome, I have offered my advices on how to stick to your New Year's Resolutions. The #10 Tip is to watch your environment as quoted in the following.

10/10 Watch your enviroment. When you want to lose weight and stay fit and healthy, you need to watch out who you're associated with. You are the product of five of your closest friends.In my earlier article on the power of friends, I cited a research finding that obesity is epidemic and contagious. Some people call it "sympathetic weight gain" with your friends. On the other hand, thinness could be contagious too. See who has the upper hand over the other.So stay close to your fit and healthy friends. But don't break up with your overweight freinds as yet. Just be aware and stay conscious in your environments. Stay away from sources that drain your energy and damage your health. Make friends with like-minded people who are positive, fit, healthy, high-energy and high-performance.

If you want to lose weight and change your habits, buddy up with a like-minded friend who shares a similar goal with you. Buddy System is one great way to help you (both of you) stay on track. Joining a Mastermind Group or fitness inner circle surrounds youself with positive, high energy, health conscious like-minded peer.

According to a psychology professor John C. Norcross at the University of Scranton, "having someone to exercise or someone who bugs you about going to the gym doesn't make a difference in January, but it does in February."

"People can tough it out on their own for a month, but after that it gets hard." said Professor Norcross. The exercise pal -- or cop, in the case of a nagging friend, spouse or office mate -- adds incentive. Your workout buddy or accountability partner will cheer you up and keep you going on occasions where you have the moment of "I don't feel like it." or "It's too (you name it excuses)."

We all have last-minute emergency or other reasons to pass up a workout. The difference is that successful people think a missed workout isn't the end of the world. A lapse is not a relapse!

On the other hand, unsuccessful people think that they won't make it and use one slipup as an excuse to quit. This is one of the major component in my "Your Dream Body Blueprint" about powerful mindset and deal with obstacles to set you up for a success start.

Your journey to shape up and get your dream body is guaranteed not to be a smooth ride. What makes the difference to those who succeed is that they follow the step-by-step guide to execute the Dream Body Blueprint.

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