Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Total-Body Balanced Superset & Triset Workout Programs

In earlier articles, I have covered the concept of superset as a weight training system and offered many practical superset routines and superset-based strength circuit training routines.

Triset is another weight training system that three exercises are performed back to back with no rest in between. So you'll do three exercises in a row as one set (tri set).

Both superset and triset are just two of the weight training system that can be incorporated in your whole training periodization program. They can help you change up your training program so that you make continuous progress without reaching plateau or incurring overuse injuries.

I offer more superset and triset workout routines in the following. You can alternate between workouts A and B on different days. These workout routines focus on total-body balanced training. More emphasis is placed on the multi-joint compound exercises to work the major muscle groups. Some single-joint isolation movements are also incorporated in the workout routines toward the end.

Depending on your goals, there are many training variables (weight, set, rep, rest interval, tempo, etc.) you can use and change up to perform these exercises to achieve different training effects and results: whether you want to gain strength, build muscle, lose fat or improve muscular strength endurance.

Read the weight training protocol here >>

Superset Workout Routine A
1A Dumbbell Deadlift
1B Dumbbell Bench Press

2A Pullup
2B Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3A Dip
3B Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Superset Workout Routine B
1A Dumbbell Bent-over Row
1B Dumbbell Incline Press

2A Smith-Machine Squat
2B Smith-Machine Shoulder Front Press

3A Dumbbell Overhead Press
3B Dumbbell Biceps Hammer Curl

Triset Workout Routine A
1A Smith-Machine Decline Bench Press
1B Smith-Machine Bent-over Row
1C Smith-Machine Deadlift

2A E-Z Bar Lying Triceps Extension
2B E-Z Bar Lying Triceps Close-Grip Pressup
2C E-B Bar Biceps Curl (standing or seated)

Triset Workout Routine B
1A Seated Dumbbell Press (80-85 degrees)
1B Seated Dumbbell Press (45 degrees)
1C Seated Dumbbell Press (flat)

2A Seated Row (pull to chin)
2B Seated Row (pull to chest)
2C Seated Row (pull to abdomen)

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