Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Superset Circuit Workout Routine

I have elaborated the superset weight training system. Many practical effective superset workouts are demonstrated.

Superset training system may help you change up your weight training routine so that you can move beyond your training plateau and continue to make progress.

If organized and paired up properly, superset workouts can be very effective in building muscle and losing fat fast for a lean body.

Supersets can also be used as mini-workout sets as part of a larger circuit strength training routine.

In the following I'll discuss two superset workout routines that you can adapt to your training program.

Bodyweight Superset Endurance Workout Routine
Superset Squat and Pushup (bodyweight)

Set #1, 1 rep squat + 1 rep pushup, rest 1 second
Set #2, 2 rep squat + 2 rep puhsup, rest 2 seconds
Set #3, 3 rep squat + 3 rep pushup, rest 3 seconds
Set #10, 10 rep squat + 10 rep pushup, rest 10 seconds
(Start to feel sore?).
Set #15, 15 rep squat + 15 rep pushup, rest 15 seconds
(All pumped up yet?)
Set #20, 20 rep squat + 20 rep pushup, rest 20 seconds
(Still hanging there?).
Set #25, 25 rep squat + 25 rep pushup, rest 25 seconds
(Still going?!).

This superset endurance workout is very simple, but very very challenging!

On the first set, do one rep of squat followed by one rep of pushup. For the second set, do two reps of squat followed by two reps of pushup. Going to the third set, do three reps of squat followed by three reps of pushup. You got the idea? It's like pyramid type weight training system.

Just increase one repetition for every subsequent set. You'll probably be able to get through the first 10 sets without much rest between the sets. That's accumulated 55 reps of squat and 55 reps of pushup. Not bad, huh?

Keep going to 11th set and beyond. Sooner than later, you may start to feel that kind of soreness on your chest and leg muscles. You may also start breathing a bit heavily. You definitely need to take the prescribed rest intervals or even longer between the sets to recover.

You can count the number of sets and time the whole workout after you can barely do no more than another rep and drop yourself on the floor!

Total-Body Superset Workout Routine
Superset #1 Dumbbell Deadlift and Dumbbell Bench Press

Superset #2 Pullup and Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Superset #3 Dip and Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Superset #4 Reverse Crunch and Swiss-ball Crunch

This total-body superset workout routine works all major muscle groups using both multi-joint compound and single-joint isolation movements. The workout is finished with "core" exercises.

Depending on the goal of your training program (hypertrophy, strength or endurance), you can vary the number of sets and reps, rest intervals and lifting tempo. This has been detailed in another article on how to change up weight training routine.

You can use some or all of supersets in your workout routine. Superset workouts can be incorporated in any training cycle as part of your complete periodization training program.

Each exercise can be replaced with a similar variation. For example, you can try different versions of deadlift such as Romanian deadlift or stiff-legged deadlift. If you cannot do pullups, try lat pull-down on the cable station. "Dip" takes a lot of shoulder girdle strength and stability. Replace the "dip" exercise with triceps kickback or overhead press.

Remember, the key to effective superset workout is that you arrange each superset or pair of exercises so that you can minimize changing weights or workout space while maximizing workout intensity and time efficiency.

Another benefit of superset workout is that you exercise in pairs. If you're short in time, you can just pick two of the supersets. If you have more time, you can certainly add more supersets to work more muscle groups or use more isolation exercises.

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