Monday, November 19, 2012

No BS Guide to Thanksgiving Holiday Diet for Fast Fat Loss

With Thanksgiving just four days away and the holiday season around the corner, it is hard for people to resist all the eating and drinking, and the weight gain that comes with it. If history is the guide, the average Americans who are already struggling with their weight are going to pack on another 10 to 15 pounds by the New Year.

"This is a year-after-year vicious cycle. People gain weight during the holiday season and try to lose weight throughout the year. Most people fail, so they end up with net weight-gain of 5 to 10 pounds a year. Gradually, it’s 10, 20, then 30 pounds, and more," says Carey Yang, a certified personal trainer and fat loss expert based in Morris County, New Jersey.

Yang is the owner and master personal trainer at Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC -- a leading in-home personal training and weight-loss management company serving and helping clients in Morris County, Sussex County, Passaic County, Essex County and Somerset County areas in New Jersey. 

"One of the biggest traps for people wanting to lose weight is to use foods as a way of comforting themselves or soothing their stress and anxiety and make them feel good," Yang says. "Holidays, parties, social functions, weather are all triggers to binge eating or emotional eating. If you feel guility after eating, that’s unhealthy eating behavior. You should feel satisfied after eating for physical hungry."

Yang offers a sensible, practical holiday eating guide - what to eat and what not  - to help people navigate the dining table, cocktail party, and snack bar. "You don't have to deprive yourself of holiday feast and holiday spirit. You do have to have the willpower to say "No," says Yang.

DO sit or stand yourself as far away from the appetizer table as possible.

DO eat a little less and ramp up your exercise leading up toward the event. When the event takes place, you’ll look and feel better than you first expected and you will feel less guilty when you enjoy yourself at the event.

DO bring your own dish to the occasion. Nobody has to know that it’s healthy or low calorie. At least you’ll know how many calories it has and you will have something to snack on of your own choice.

DO sit at the table as far from the unhealthy food options as possible. If you have to keep standing up, putting your drink down and reaching across Auntie Annie to grab a piece of bread.

DO send people home with food if you are hosting a party. Leftover foods make people overeat.

DON’T try to convince yourself that you’re going to eat less after the holiday event. It's okay to eat and enjoy the foods at the event.

DON”T mix-drink wine, beer or hard alcohol. Your system will get so messy afterwards. Or at least have something to eat in between different drinks.

DON’T sit in front of the TV. What’s on TV this thanksgiving? An awesome football game. What’s in front of the TV? Most likely a table with unhealthy snacks.

Yang says, one last word, I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Drink responsibly and drive safe.

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