Saturday, May 22, 2010

Top 4 Mistakes in Losing Arm Fat and How to Do It Right

There are many women who have given their best efforts to lose their arm fat, especially around their triceps or under their arms. With sleeveless dress being one of most women's favorite clothing, this is totally understandable.

During your research for the answer, you may have stumbled upon many potential answers. Ive looked at those advices and suggestions on this matter and I can understand why most of them wont work; if you have put some effort to try them, Im sure youll agree with me. Heres what most of them told you:

1. Focus your exercises on your arm; for example: triceps extension, diamond pushups, etc. This method won't give you the result that you want because the only way to burn fat is doing full body exercises. Why? Because you can't remove fat from certain spot on your body by train that body part only, no matter how hard you train it.

Training specific spot is not the answer for the question how to lose arm fat; it also wont do the job if your problem is tummy fat, love handles, or any other fat in specific spot on your body. Instead, you should do a full body exercises, thus get rid of your overall body fat; for women, at 16-18% body fat youll get that slender arm and sexy flat stomach.

2. Doing regular cardio exercises a few times per week while keep your heart rate in target heart rate zone. This mean that youll doing steady pace cardio, probably on a treadmill or stationary bike, about three to four times a week while watching TV. This is misleading method that most people do; it will only consume your time on long, boring, and fruitless exercises.

I know you must have tried this; its one of the mainstreams believes anyway. Furthermore, this is why most of them fail. Your body is not meant for steady pace exercise; itll simply keep up by adjusting itself with your regular exercise by slowing its metabolic rate. When that time comes, your regular exercises will have less and less result; it may even produce no result at all

The best exercise to lose arm fat or any fat burning effort in general is high intensity interval training. This mean that instead of steady pace exercise, you must keep changing the intensity of your exercises; this will make your body unable to adjust itself, thus result in fast metabolic rate and fat burning.

For example: sprint for 1 minute, jog for 1-2 minutes, sprint again for 1 minute, and so on. You can also apply this on swimming, biking, and any other cardio exercises.

3. Doing strength training; indeed, you should do this, but do not focus to train one specific spot such as arm or tummy, remember that your ultimate goal is to achieve ideal body fat.

Doing strength training; indeed, you should do this, but do not focus to train one specific spot such as arm or tummy, remember that your ultimate goal is to achieve ideal body fat. You can do this with dumbbell or barbells, but using your bodyweight is okay too. Some good bodyweight exercises: bodyweight squat, decline pushups, and bodyweight inverted rows.

Note that women won't get bulky from doing strength training; they just dont have enough testosterone for that.

4. You'll also going to find that in order to lose arm fat, you'll need healthy eating habit; this one is also true. The golden rule should be avoiding fast food at any cost and choose unprocessed foods instead. Also remember to avoid liquid calories such as soda and alcohol; instead, increase fruit and vegetables intakes.

So, how to lose arm fat? High intensity interval training, strength training, and proper nutrition are the key ingredient; not only to burn fat in specific spot, but to achieve ideal body fat and get rid of all those excess fat from your body.

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