Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dream Body Coach Disputes Top 3 Myths about Getting Ripped 6 Pack Abs

Carey Yang, Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Expert & Abs Specialist

The quest to getting a set of ripped 6 pack abs has been a world craze as far and as long as I can remember. The media is so obsessed about the flat stomach or ripped abs image. We're brain-washed that we gotta have to them be good, fit, and desired person.

Over the years, many "myths" or half-baked truths have been rumoring around. Most people are confused by different opinions from different experts. The lightening speed of internet and social media makes it even worse.

Each of the following myths have some merit. They become a myth when an unethical fitness professional or expert takes a narrow perspective in order to stir up controversy in an effort to get you to buy their hyped up fat loss program. It's time to cut through the chase and set the record straight.

Myth #1: Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

It's important to watch what you eat and how much you eat in the kitchen. You simply can't out-train a lousy diet to build muscles, lose fat and sculpt 6 pack abs.

However, I have been many scrawny men or skinny women dieting down to low percent of body fat and still don't have abs that pop out.

So if you want to develop eye catching abs that really stand out, you still need to train your abs and work them hard in addition to following an effective diet.

Myth #2: Crunches Are Bad For Your Back

Unfortunately most people do the crunches wrong and strain their necks and back. They conclude that crunches are useless and bad for their back.

Performed properly, crunches or curl-ups are effective exercise to directly work on your abdominal muscles. Abs - short for "rectus abdominis" - is designed to flex for spinal flexion movement.

Performing crunching movements with proper form is the best way to fully develop them. Floor crunches, stability ball crunches, cable crunches, and double crunch are all great exercises for developing your abs.

Myth #3: You Can't Train Your Lower Abs

Some fitness trainers argue that you can't work your lower abs, because the Rectus Abdominis is one long muscle.  It's only partially true. Just like any muscle-building exercise, you can put more emphasis on certain part of the muscle by performing the exercise in different angle and range of motion.

The key here is "emphasis" not to complete isolate lower abs. Hanging Knee Raises, Reverse Crunches, and the Jackknife among several other exercises place extra emphasis on the lower abdominal muscles. Basically any exercise where the movement involves tilting your pelvis up toward your chest, will place extra emphasis on the lower section of your abs.

The word "emphasis" is the key here. With each of the above abs exercises your entire Rectus Abdominis muscle will be working, but you should "feel" more tension and contraction in the lower abs compared to how they "feel" when you are performing other crunching movements.

If you want to sculpt a sexy set of six pack abs while developing a strong core  and look your best, you must follow a strategically designed workout program that includes functional exercises, crunching movements that emphasize the upper and mid section of the Rectus Abdominis, crunching movements that emphasize the lower section of the Rectus Abdominins, and exercises that work the Transverse Abdominals and Obliques.

In a final word, remember, your diet is equally important as your abs training routine. Check out Metabolic Masterpiece for Fat Loss Quckie.

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