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"The Keeper of the Keys" Movie Facts, Cast, Trailer, Review, Red-Carpet Premiere, DVD Release

"The Keeper of the Keys" is the first movie in the self-help genre to take an innovative, funny approach to the field of personal development aimed to “taking the hell out of self-help." The movie blends an entertaining fictional story line with unique expert segments featuring profound personal stories and expert advice.

The story starts with the main character Michael Walden having one bad day after another... and there is no end in sight. After losing his job and finding his house in foreclosure, he becomes increasingly negative and frustrated. It doesn't help that his fiancee Anne, tired of his rants, breaks off their engagement. Depressed and discouraged, he falls asleep... and dreams.

Success coach Jack Canfield appears and tells Michael he is sending some friends, self-help experts Marci Shimoff, John Gray, Hueina Su, and 14 others, to help him to discover the keys and how to use them. Join Michael and his mysterious guide Elizabeth as they encounter a diverse of experts eager to enlighten him. Not since "A Christmas Carol" has a dream been this rich, this revealing or this much fun.
“The Keeper of The Keys is the most innovative and entertaining film of its kind ever made. Wildly original, howlingly funny, fast-paced, and utterly delightful in every way, the film is truly a gift to the world. True to its ad copy, the film takes “the hell out of self-help” and is the new gold standard in its genre. When you see this movie, you will learn, laugh, and clap your hands with joy!”

–- Stephen Simon, Co-founder of The Spiritual Cinema Circle, Producer of Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come, Producer & Director of Conversations with God and Indigo.
The Spiritual Cinema Circle has decided to license The Keeper of the Keys as their feature film for April 2012.

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The Keeper of the Keys movie DVD cover


The Keeper of the Keys movie DVD and other products by Hueina Su are available to purchase at

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** The DVDs are expected to be ready to ship by late January 2012.

The 7 Keys revealed in the movie are Appreciation & Law of Attraction, Harmony, Faith, Courage, Passion, Empathy, and Law of Vibration.

The Cast
The Keeper of the Keys stars Jack Canfield, creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and star of The Secret movie, Marci Shimoff, New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and star of The Secret movie, and John Gray, New York Times best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus and star of The Secret movie.

"The Keeper of the Keys” movie is produced by Robin Jay of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau and TwoBirds, Inc. and directed by revered industry veteran Scott Cervine.

The Keeper of the Keys Movie Cast

Hueina Su is a co-star and featured expert in "The Keeper of the Keys" movie. She is an international keynote speaker, certified life coach, and the best-selling author of Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul: 7 Keys to Nurture Yourself While Caring for Others and the upcoming Peaceful Power: A Prescription for Long-Lasting Inner Peace, True Happiness and Unstoppable Success.
"Hueina is one of the highlights of The Keeper of the Keys movie. Her message left audience members, including me, in complete awe. With a unique story based on her life experience, Hueina delivers an unforgettable message that truly inspires each of us to rise to our greatness!"

--Christine Ferguson, Author, Speaker & Coach,
The Keeper of the Keys Movie Trailer

Las Vegas Red-Carpet Premiere

The world premiere of The Keeper of the Keys movie was held on Dec. 8, 2011 at a red-carpet premiere at the Plaza Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. The VIP Red Carpet Premiere proved to be just as much fun as the movie itself. Following the screening, an after party was held in the classic Las Vegas showroom and featured an appearance from Steve Connolly as Elvis, live music and dancing, special "Key-tini" cocktails, and Gigi's Cupcakes. Over 400 attended this amazing event.

Hueina Su & John Gray at The Keeper of the Keys
movie premiere in Las Vegas

Hueina Su shines as a rising star on the red carpet at
The Keeper of the Keys movie premiere in Las Vegas

Huiena Su with her costars Marci Shimoff and Jack Canfield at
The Keeper of the Keys movie premiere in Las Vegas

"Hueina Su is a remarkable woman. She shares her story of growing up in a culture that was restrictive to her character. The ways of her society left her feeling unworthy and limited. The great thing about Hueina’s story is that you don’t have to come from her culture, or share her experiences to understand. Many of us have felt unworthy whether it comes from an outside source, or from within. But Hueina’s words words will show you that YOU have the power within you to feel worthy. Her experiences were all she knew. These words that were spoken to her were ingrained in her brain since childhood. However, she managed to discover how to empower herself and change her beliefs. And from that she created a very fulfilling life. And she’ll teach you how to also. Hueina Su is empowering, uplifting, but most of all relatable. You will see yourself in her, and you will see a new perspective on life through her. Thank you Hueina."

-- Karissa Barcelo, "The Keeper of the Keys" 1st Assistant Director

Movie DVD

Get your own *autographed* copy today!!

The Keeper of the Keys movie DVD cover


The Keeper of the Keys movie DVD and other products by Hueina Su are available to purchase at

* The DVDs are expected to be ready to ship by late January 2012.

"Hueina Su is truly an inspiration to all who have the honor of hearing her story. I was recently incredibly touched by her segment in the movie, The Keeper of the Keys, in which she shares her experience and displays great courage and enlightenment in overcoming a major obstacle laid before her at birth. Hueina was taught as a Chinese girl that she was not as important as a boy…nor was she as wanted as a boy. It takes my breath away to imagine the personal toll such misguided teaching has taken on each and every Chinese female who has been subjected to such negative programming, not to mention the great loss that has been suffered by Chinese society and the entire world. Hueina’s steadfast strength, courage, intellect, and her innate female wisdom to perceive truth has enabled her to step out of the darkness forced upon her and find the light within to believe in herself and realize her true magnificent value as a human being, regardless of her sex. For standing up against a belief that is so deeply ingrained in a society and for helping the world to see just how negative the ramifications can be of such an outdated, counteractive mindset, Hueina Su is a hero paving a bright new path for not only Chinese women, but for an entire planet filled with beautiful girls and boys who are equally important and have something spectacular to contribute to our world."

-- Llynda More, singer, Llynda More & Mark Gendel


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