Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How to Fix up Your Old Weightlifting Moves

Are your tired of doing the same weightlifting moves over and over again?

Do you stop making progress in building muscles?

Do you simply just change up the exercise order, the rep range, the weight but use the same weightlifting moves?

In an earlier popular article, I showed you how to change up your weight training program so that you make continual progress.

There are so many training variables you can change up. So please don't tell me that "I have tried everything!" You haven't.

If you think you did have tried everything, try the following weightlifting moves to replace your current ones.

Old: Barbell Back Squat
New: Barbell Overhead Squat
Hold the bar directly above your head with your arms straight, elbows locked, shoulder blades squeezed together. Then your squat with this position.
Why: Your form on the classic squat will improve because the overhead squat emphasizes posture, one of the most neglected and important element of fitness.

Old: Barbell Deadlift
New: One-Arm Deadlift
How: Instead of standing in front of the barbell, stand next to it so it's on the right side of your body. Squat down into the starting position and grab the center of the barbell with your right hand. Perform the deadlift by keeping your torso upright and standing up.
Why: It works all your pulling muscles - hamstrings, back, traps and biceps whlie strengthening your grip.

Old: Dumbbell Chest Press
New: Fly Press
How: Start the movement from the "up" position, your palms facing out. Without changing the bend in your elbows, lower the weight as if you're doing a chest fly until your arms are about halfway between the starting position and parallel to the floor. The bend your elbows and lower dumbbells straight down as if you're doing the dumbbell chest press. Press the dumbbells straight up and repeat.
Why: This combination move allows you to overload your muscles in the negative portion of the chest fly and stimulate your pecs to grow.

Old: Hammer Curl
New: Towel Curl
How: Wrap a hand towel around each dumbbell one time. Then perform the hammer curl by holding the ends of the towel instead of the dumbbells.
Why: The load shifts as you curl, providing an entirely different stimulus to the biceps.

More new found weightlifting moves are coming soon!

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