Thursday, September 07, 2006

Crash Dieting?! You're Doomed to Crash.

You probably heard or overheard that some people are on diet all the time. Some look so thin but still try to starve themselves to lose weight (or fat, to be precise). It's always the 5 or 10 pounds from last Holiday or vacation. Some try one type of diet for only one day and another in the next day and complain that they don't work. They never go out of their way to exercise and change their personal lifestyle.

The weight loss industry has grown tremendously in the past ten years. Americans pour in billions of dollars every year in weight loss diet plans, diet pills, supplements and surgery. But Americans just keep getting bigger and bigger. In fact, populations in other countries are also "growing" bigger, too. If all the claims in the advertizements are true, then what goes wrong with American size? Something is missing in the big picture.

The media is brainwashing the consumers with all kinds of diet plans: low-fat, high-fat, high-protein, low-carb, high-carb, Glycemix-index, meal replacements, customized meal plan, group gathering or some of the above. You know people will try to cut corners and create their own version of diet. They'll pick what they like that is not necessarily good or suitable for them. And of course, there are other crash diets that can whack your body out of nutrition balance.

Some diets go in style for a while then some others pick up the fad. They all seem to work in the short term if you can stick to the plan. How many of you know someone that goes on a diet is able to start exercising and commit to lifestyle change for the long term? I bet, not many. Everyone wants a quick fix. I get asked all the time about losing weight. My answers always disappoint many people.

It's one of my training principles not to go on diet. There are better ways to lose fat safely, effectively and permanently. The real secrets to lose fat and build a lean body come from a naturally healthy nutrition plan and a smart, progressive training program as found in Truth about Six Pack Abs Program.

I crossed by an article about crash diets by the diet doctors. The title is very eye-catching and tempting. Yet what in the world does the powerful media want to convey this message to the readers? --- The crash diets and secrets used by the diet doctors work for them so they will work for me, too?? I know the writer talked about disclaimers that not all crash diets are created equal. Juice fasts, cabbage soup plans, and herbal fat-burning pills are still big no-no's --- to which I agree. But the writer still recommended the readers to "consider the less extreme methods used by the nation's top weight loss gurus. Their crash diet and weight maintenance secrets are safe, effective --- and sure to work for you, too." This is all wrong!

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